Digital Food Safety Labeling,
Made Simple

HACCP compliance at your fingertips
Used by the world’s biggest hospitality brands

  • Easy To Read

    Displays all food safety information.

    No wet pens or messy handwriting

  • Saves Time & Money

    Save over an hour a day.

    And our HACCP approved labels are 43% cheaper than most other label options

  • HACCP Approved

    Easy to remove, food-safe labels.

    Makes HACCP compliance

    clean and easy.

Join +7,500 kitchens that switched to digital labeling

Your recipe for food safety
labeled to perfection

A dating app, for chefs

Saves hours of manual writing.

Many venues write hundreds of labels a day. This takes a lot of time, and is prone to human error. Digital date labeling is a better solution. No more wet pens, no more human error. Your digital kitchen hand who never forgets a date.

A label of love

'but don’t get attached, we won’t stick around'

PREPsafe labels are easy to read and easy to remove. The use-by date is calculated automatically. So no relying on staff to remember the shelf-life of hundreds of items. At around 1 cent per label, you’ll save money compared to most other labeling options.

PREPsafe Thermal Printer

Blazing fast, no days off

Prints 10 labels per second

Connect via Bluetooth

Unlimited connections

Cloud Based, No Subscription

Easy to edit, user-friendly.The central hub of your labeling solution. Items can be mass uploaded, and details such as shelf-life customized.Whatever you add to the admin will be reflected in the app.Push new items to multiple stores. Full reporting dashboard. Separate login permission from the app, so you know who has control.

Let's Chat

PREPsafe is a simple solution to a BIG problem.

We can show you how PREPsafe works, and answer all your questions in a 20 min online demo.

If you choose to implement the system, we offer full onboarding and after-sales support. This will be the simplest improvement you’ll ever make to your kitchen operations.


Our most common questions from Chefs and Managers

 Is there any subscription fee?

No. You only pay for the labels you use. People are sick of paying subscription fees, and so are we. Preppy app is free forever.

Is the app available on both Apple and Android?

Yes. All your staff can download the app from the App Store or Play Store.

Is there any limit to how many people can connect via bluetooth?

No limit. All your staff can connect.

Is it easy to setup?

Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Items can be mass uploaded to the system. Then with your new login, everything added to the admin will appear in the app.

Do you have dissolvable labels?

Yes, dissolvable labels are available from most distributors.

 Can I use more than one device?

Absolutely. There is no problem printing from several tablets and phones at the same time.

Do I have to use a PREPsafe printer?

No, if you already have a ZPL compatible Bluetooth printer like the Zebra ZD410 then switching to PREPsafe only requires a user account and PREPsafe Labels.

Do menu updates download automatically?

Yes, once an administrator makes a menu version change your company’s Store accounts will all update automatically.

Does the app require an internet connection?

Only to download the app, and refresh if any changes have been made in the admin dashboard. Aside from that, you just need bluetooth to connect to the printer.