Still handwriting food safety labels?

There’s an app for that,
and a label

One app to rule them all

Fast & easy HACCP compliance

  • User-friendly interface

    Our food labeling app boasts a user-friendly interface that prioritizes simplicity, ensuring an effortless and enjoyable experience for all users as they navigate the app.

  • Customizable

    Our app's customization feature empowers users to personalize their experience, adapting the interface to align seamlessly.

  • 100% accurate

    Our app guarantees 100% accuracy making it very reliable to use in your location.

Have it your way

YOUR categories, YOUR items

Tailored to your needs. Getting setup is easy. We can guide you through the simple steps so your staff just need to login and start labeling.

Large venues may want to separate departments. We can help you with that.

Have a chain of stores? You can push changes to all stores at one time.

Customized to your venue

All your items at your fingertips. This dynamic customization enhances the user experience, allowing venues to easily create labels.

No missed-steaks

Shelf-life - got it. 100% accurate, every time.

During setup, the shelf-life is added to all your items, so the app can calculate the use-by date automatically. No need for staff to remember the shelf-life of hundreds of items. Set it once and forget it.

No more human error.

Safer for your customers, more efficient for your operations

  • Automatic date & time

    The most used labels, and the biggest time-saver. Easy HACCP compliance

  • OOF = Out of freezer

    Know when food was moved to the chiller and when it needs to be prepped

  • Label your dry store

    With the option to add date & time, simple labels keep you organized

Ready-made templates

Make your own templates for take-away, receiving, allergy info and more.

Consumption info - Received - Ingredients - Nutritional info - Bar codes - QR codes - and more...