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Dissolvable PREPsafe Labels 7 Boxes (7 x 7000 labels)

Dissolvable PREPsafe Labels 7 Boxes (7 x 7000 labels)

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Unlike traditional labels, PREPsafe disposable Food Safety labels possess the unique added advantage of dissolving in water in an earth-friendly manner. Dishwasher friendly these are the ultimate in kitchen labeling. With a heat range of -20c through to +65c, they will stick to plastic and metal surfaces and completely dissolve leaving no trace Contact Your closest PREPsafe Distributor for pricing and shipping details.

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We can show you how PREPsafe works, and answer all your questions in a 20 min online demo.If you choose to implement the system, we offer full onboarding and after-sales support. This will be the simplest improvement you’ll ever make to your kitchen operations.

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Tailored to your needs. Getting setup is easy. We can guide you through the simple steps so your staff just need to login and start labeling.